Mitsubishi Electric Drucklösungen

Mitsubishi Electric Drucklösungen



The new high capacity photo printer

The CP-M1E Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printer delivers exceptional print quality, printing volume up to 750 prints 10x15cm (4x6”) and very easy media replacement in a reduced footprint. The result is a very powerful printer model, which saves time and operational costs.

Rewind function

New Rewind function optimizes the 10x15 cm /4x6” prints. When the last half part of the ribbon patch is not used in the last order it can be capable for next printing order of 10x15 (4x6”). Rewind feature does not work in Matte Finish.

High capacity printing

With up to 750 prints capacity (10x15 cm) in a very reduced size, it’s a very complete solution perfect for high capacity demand and less media exchange operations, making it a cost saving model and perfect for photo booth use.

Exceptional printing quality

No compromise on print details in bright or dark prints. Designed with Mitsubishi’s proprietary print-head control engine & image processing, algorithms enable printing of high quality photos, delivering a Superior color depth and Extreme detailed output.

Compact design

With a very reduced footprint 0,105m2, and a weight of 14kgs, the CP-M1E fits almost anywhere. Also its inedit exchange media system makes it very easy to operate.

Dust resistant design

The CP-M1E comes with a new Dust-resistant design, that minimizes operational and printing issues caused when installed in dusty environment. That’s perfect for photobooth. Air flow paths of power circuitry and the thermal head in the print engine are discrete and separate as well as designed with positive pressure air-flow that forces out dusts and small particle while providing efficient cooling to the print engine.

User-Friendly Media Replacement

Easy and Quick Media replacement system that minimizes customer’s waiting time. It allows immediate loading when taken out of the box, reducing the economic loss caused by dropping media and the invasion of dust during media exchange.


  • Rewind function
  • High capacity printing
  • Exceptional printing quality
  • Compact design
  • Dust resistant design
  • User-Friendly media replacement



Dye sublimation thermal transfer line print




14kg (30.0lb)

Abmessungen (mm)

300 / 350 / 281


300 dpi


Up to 750 prints 10x15 cm (4x6”)


Paper Strip bin, Printer tray, Quick set up guide, Safety guide, Power cord (EUR)


9x13cm / 13x13cm / 13x18cm / 5x15cm / 10x15cm / 15x15cm / 15x20cm

3.5 x 5” / 5 x 5” / 5 x 7” / 2 x 6” / 4 x 6” / 6 x 6” / 6 x 8”




4.0A (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz) 1.9W standby at 230V 50Hz


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